We know that receiving and analysing feedback from all stakeholders is an essential part of our business. It is particularly pleasing when the impact of our work on the Organisation is recognised by members of the senior team. Here is a selection from a cross-section of organisations:

British Standards Institute
"Our business has been through a rapid transition from a non-commercial UK based organisation, to a global professional services company. We engaged Wadenhoe to help us work through a capability framework to fit our changing nature, and to help drive our performance and development management systems.

We ended up building not only a linked and outcome driven framework for performance and development, but also a comprehensive management development plan, rooted in our business strategy.

The Wadenhoe team combines deep professional knowledge with a genuine commercial perspective, they are challenging, but always constructive, and always seeking to deliver an outcome that will make a real impact on the business"

John Titmuss
HR Director
BSI (British Standards Institute)

Lafarge Cement
“The Wadenhoe Consultancy has provided a strategic partnership for talent identification, development and management which is highly rated by the Organisation.

Based on our experience, we rate them highly and recommend them to other businesses with similar challenges”

Joanne Werth
HR Resourcing & Development Manager
Lafarge Cement

European Credit Management
“I would like to thank you for the recent workshops with Wadenhoe Consultancy Ltd. The environment away from work meant I could almost take myself to an observation point on my own management performance. Combining this with new practical skills means I have a personal plan to close the gap between how I would like to manage and how I actually manage.

I'm also very lucky to have sent a significant number of my senior team to Wadenhoe. This immediately makes everyone more understanding of individual styles. There is also a more focused assessment process and direction for juniors now my managers have increased their management skills”.

Matt Riddiford
Head of Production Control
European Credit Managment (ECM)

Group 4 Securicor
"I first came across the Wadenhoe Model nearly twelve years ago, just as I was coming to the end of my studies for a Masters degree in Management Development. I had read scores of books and soaked up millions of words about the subject across the two years of the programme, and was (I now realise) becoming just a little bit jaded. When I picked up a copy of 'Making Management Development Strategically Effective' I wasn't really expecting very much, but I was soon struck by the clear logic and applicability of the Model. For once I experienced the sensation that someone had (at last) been able to articulate and connect the ideas that I had been playing with (but not articulating very well) in my head.

Since then the Model has been the quiet, unflashy but utterly dependable 'touchstone' for all of the developmental initiatives, no matter how large or small, that I have led or been involved in - be they coaching interventions for individual business leaders at one extreme or complex, lengthy (award-winning*) programmes for large numbers of managers from around the world at the other - a really practical and down to earth sense-checker.

*The award I allude to was the "Best Executive Development Programme" category at the HR Excellence Awards in 2006, for the G4S "Leadership Programme" .

Michael Alsop
Head of Executive Development
Group 4 Securicor

“Sean’s engaging, thoughtful and intelligent training gave our managers an excellent grounding in the theory and practice of management”

Neil Davidson
Joint Chief Executive

(listed in The Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to work for – 2008)

The Civil Service
"Roger Barrett's style of coaching was very effective - supportive, but challenging. His approach, and the techniques he used, enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of issues relating to my development as a leader.

This meant I was able to tackle things which I might otherwise have found too difficult - and which might have held back my progress.

Roger gave me some very practical support in building my confidence to operate at a senior level, and in preparing to compete for senior posts".

Senior Civil Servant

Roger Barrett an Associate of The National School of Government.

Freestyle New Media
“Freestyle worked with Wadenhoe Consultancy at a time when the business was going through a period of significant growth and needed to implement some major changes. Working closely with Ray Atkinson, a business strategy was developed and, more importantly, implemented, involving both the senior management team and the first-line managers in a process of significant change.

Subsequently, whilst retaining its older, blue-chip clients, Freestyle has successfully expanded its client base across a range of new industry sectors both in the UK and Europe and today is the largest digital marketing agency in the Midlands and one of the largest independents in the country”.

Patrick Moore
Director & Joint Founder
Freestyle New Media

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