Roger Barrett

As a baritone with a forty strong Barber Shop choir, Roger is keen to adjust his pitch to work in harmony with others!

Roger is a Partner of The Wadenhoe Consultancy Ltd.

He is a creative and experienced facilitator of learning and development by individuals and groups working in organisations - whether focussed on organisational development or service delivery.

Roger's working style is collaborative, promoting mutual learning, honesty and integrity. His focus is to support others to achieve sustainable change through exploring the links between emotions, thoughts, physical health and behaviour within the context of their working and personal lives, identifying how these impact on motivation and the choices they make.

He has extensive experience in leading and managing people through operational command and organisational development roles founded on a career in the police service and in working with a range of other organisations in the public and private sector. In particular, leading organisational development activity centred on leadership, diversity and behavioural change in the context of improving service delivery.

Roger has a particular interest and knowledge of the complexity of human interaction and how this contributes to change, both within and between individuals, i.e. the politics of change in organisations.

He holds an MBA and MA (by research).

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