Ray Atkinson

Ray's hobbies include singing and drama, both as a participant and observer. On the singing side he has made good progress, having performed solos with a full orchestra at The Birmingham Symphony Hall.

His acting career is less distinguished. If he ever achieves his ambition of performing with The Royal Shakespeare Company, it will probably be as fifth spear-carrier rather than Hamlet!

Ray Atkinson is the Managing Director of The Wadenhoe Consultancy Ltd.

Prior to consultancy, Ray worked in a variety of senior management roles with Smiths Industries plc and GKN plc, both global organizations within the engineering and hi-tec instrumentation sectors.

Having travelled and worked extensively across the world, Ray has gained broad and deep cross-cultural experience. He has designed and delivered large-scale, strategic leadership development programmes in partnership with clients and leading academic institutions in the enlarged Europe and U.S.A.

Ray's last role with GKN plc was Head of Management Development. In this role, he was responsible for developing and implementing Policies, Processes and Programmes, across the full spectrum of International Group businesses. The key objective here was identifying and developing management and leadership talent for succession planning, growth and change. More recently he has adapted these skills to small and medium-size businesses.

Combining his HR specialist experience with three senior general management roles, brings a very practical, business-orientated approach to all of Ray's work, whether this is at individual coaching, team or organisation development level.

His academic background in Human Resources is complemented by an MBA from Henley. In addition, he is a Graduate in Speech and Drama from the Royal Academy of Music, which is used to great advantage in much of the behavioural development side of his work.

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