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         DATE              NEWS STORY
   14-11-2016    Differing Insights Christmas Event
   10-11-2016    Putting a measure on Leadership Development
   02-11-2016    New Apprenticeships
   24-10-2016    Leadership Role Models
   03-10-2016    Team Talk
   03-08-2016    Client Focused Internal Consulting - Winter 2016 Briefings
   01-03-2016    Client Focused Internal Consulting - Summer 2016 Briefings
   10-02-2016    Leadership Role Models Research
   14-12-2015    A Christmas Special at Henley Business School
   03-10-2015    CIPD Midlands Event
   16-09-2015    More Means No Better?
   05-05-2015    Discovering the Power of Engagement
   08-04-2015    Ray's Chair at Henley Business School Extended
   07-03-2015    Is your leadership team: Reactive... Proactive... Generative?
   23-05-2013    The Specialist Transition Challenge Workshop
   15-05-2013    Announcing: Career Development for "Specialists"
   28-04-2013    Talent Pipelines... The "Specialist" Challenge
   07-04-2013    The best of "open" and "in-house" development
   18-03-2013    The Learning Set - A much abused development tool
   12-02-2013    Employee Engagement - Top Down + Bottom Up
   12-02-2013    80/20 Programmes - A Middle Management Example
   12-02-2013    Announcing: Talent Pipelines Workshop
   22-01-2013    Feedback on December 2012 Briefing Workshop
   22-01-2013    Genus - Commitment to Excellence Academy
   24-11-2012    Announcing: Employee Engagement Workshop
   30-07-2012    Announcing: Journey to a New and Better Place Workshop
   30-07-2012    Announcing: A Place of Transition Workshop
   15-03-2012    Announcing: 2012 Roadshow Programme
   15-11-2011    Announcing: Black Swans Scenario Thinking Workshop
   07-11-2011    Announcing: Learning For Tomorrow Workshop
   02-11-2011    Announcing: A Grand Prix Simulation Workshop
   27-10-2011    Announcing: "Development Centres That Work" Workshop
   24-09-2011    Announcing: Back From The Future Workshop
   13-08-2011    Announcing: Enabling Engagement Workshop
   27-07-2011    Announcing: Engagement At A Distance Workshop
   16-06-2011    Announcing: Engagement Through Change Workshop
   23-04-2011    Engagement Through Change at Jaguar Land Rover
   23-04-2011    Announcing: Self-Directed Learning & Development Workshop
   27-02-2011    Announcing: Comprehensive Coaching Workshop
   27-05-2010    "Open Space at Wadenhoe House - Friday 9th July 2010"
   20-05-2010    "The Talent Development Navigator"
   16-04-2010    "Sustainable Talent Development - One Day Workshop"
   18-03-2010    "Changing The Way You Look At Strategy"
   20-01-2010    "Talent Leadership Workshops 2010 Q1 Schedule"
   20-08-2009    "Taking a Stand for Talent Leadership"
   22-07-2009    "Engaging Leaders in Engagement"

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