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Nederman was established in 1945 with the aim of improving and making more efficient working environments in industrial factories and workshops. This is achieved through a wide range of dust extraction equipment. With production and HQ facilities in Sweden, it is active in over 50 countries.

The Organisation needed a tailored development programme for Country Sales Managers and Specialist Sales Managers, which would help them to move quickly and effectively to a structure and processes aligned with their new strategy.

  • Meetings with three Board Directors to learn about the new strategy and business goals.

  • RolescopeŽ was used to consider how roles needed to change in line with the new strategy.

  • A 360 questionnaire and one-to-one assessment was used to benchmark where each manager was at the start of the process, against the challenges in the future role.

  • An interim report was prepared for the Board, Identifying people with potential, areas for personal development and resource gaps that would need to be filled from outside.

  • Implementation of new, streamlined sales management processes and reporting.

  • Provision of three, two-day tailored workshops, including one outdoor teambuilding event.

  • Processes for measuring the impact of the development were agreed at the start of the programme, In addition each manager had access to learning resources available from Wadenhoe Consultancy and email/telephone advice if required.

The programme, which was spread over nearly two years achieved four major objectives:
  • Improved sales results in line with the new strategy.

  • Increased international organisational effectiveness and team-working.

  • Recognisable improvement in customer service measured against new "standards" agreed by the whole team.

  • Improved communication and co-operation between Sales, Distribution and Headquarters.

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