Company Announcement

On 1st November 2008 the strategic consultancy Division of Wadenhoe Group Limited merged with Dramatic Change to form The Wadenhoe Consultancy Ltd.

This enables us to combine the outstanding Wadenhoe heritage for leadership, management and organisation development that we have developed over 20 years with the fresh, creative and energising approaches from our new partners at Dramatic Change.

We remain passionate about helping organisations to get measurably better. To us, this means helping them to achieve their strategic goals with interventions that ensure the best ideas, best technologies and best processes are matched by the best leaders and managers working together in the most effective way.

As part of our organisational change we have established a new base in Oxford, which can be used as a convenient location for client meetings, to complement our own residential management centre, which many clients will know, at Wadenhoe House near Peterborough.

Creating an appropriate environment for workshops and programmes is very important to us. We never compromise quality, but are flexible with the capability to create a development environment in-company or off-job. Wadenhoe House is one very attractive option, offering an outstanding atmosphere for any event.

The new business will be headed by Ray Atkinson. Peter Hall, Chairman of Wadenhoe Group, will continue actively to participate as a strategic consultant.

To contact us, please telephone on 01865 339558 or email us at:

The Wadenhoe Consultancy Ltd, Prama House, 267 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7HT
Tel: 01865 339558   Fax: 01865 339301   Email: