Implementing Talent Development

Members of our team have had senior line management experience, where the key to success has been leadership and engagement of people with potential. Others have held senior HR roles with responsibility for developing organisation-wide processes for managing people with potential.

We understand how the pieces of our roadmap fit together. The questions we have addressed in other parts of this website provide a step-by-step process but they still need to be integrated and implemented effectively. Our team will work with you to implement sustainable processes for managing your people with potential. In summary, this will involve:

Finding Potential
  • Clarifying the key capabilities that will support your business strategy
  • Focusing on core transferable qualities rather than complicated competences
  • Understanding the context in which these qualities have to be used
  • Helping line managers to recognise and "test" these qualities
  • Designing an easy process for communicating information about talented people at anytime from anywhere
Nurturing Potential
  • Designing Assessment/Development activities to confirm potential
  • Providing advice on career direction
  • Ensuring positive Development Plan outcomes for all
  • Developing tailored programmes and other resources
  • Implementing processes for connecting talented people with special projects
  • Equipping line managers with skills for effective high performance coaching

Participants are able to:

Understanding roles in terms of Context; Core Transferable Qualities and Values

"Pools" of talented people that can be easily accessed and matched with roles available

Processes to overcome career movement blockages associated with historic boundaries; traditional succession plans; present priorities and complex transfer procedures.

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