Internal Consultancy

Recognising the critical role of HR in achieving sustainability we have developed a new ''Internal Consultancy'' programme.

Although there are a range of programmes on the market, we believe that, through its use of The Wadenhoe Model ® and techniques from other business functions, the Wadenhoe Consultancy approach is the only one that really gets to grips with all aspects of the role requirements involved. Here are the main elements of the Programme:

Consulting Process
  • Project Planning
  • Fact Gathering
  • Analytical Skills
  • Written Communication
Consulting Practice
  • Familiarity with Marketing Concepts
  • "Client" Meeting Skills
  • Oral Communication
Facilitation Skills
  • Making Appropriate Interventions
  • Developing Group Creativity
HR Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Networking
  • Cross-Functional Teamworking
  • Understanding of Vision (purpose), Mission and Values
  • Understanding Strategy
  • Organisational/Culture Analysis Techniques
  • Familiarity with Tools/Frameworks for Effective Change
  • Communication Strategies
  • Performance Measurement/Management
  • The Wadenhoe Model®
Identification & Development of People with Potential
  • Acting as Champions - challenging the status quo where processes are not being supported by local management.
  • Translating central policies into actions that add value at "local" level.
  • Establishing processes for resourcing and succession planning that meet short-term "local" needs and feed into the longer-term organisational picture.
  • Coaching Line Managers in the development of Performance Coaching Skills.
  • Becoming a coach/mentor to individuals identified as having potential.
  • Providing access to learning and development resources.
  • Facilitating "local" Learning Sets for people with potential
As a starting point for HR departments considering this programme, we have developed a skills audit/checklist, which we would be happy to work through with you at an initial meeting, which will last approximately two hours.

To find out more, please telephone us on 01865 339558 or email us at:
internal consultancy

Why Wadenhoe Consultancy?

"Sean's engaging, thoughtful and intelligent training gave our managers an excellent grounding in the theory and practice of management"

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