General Leadership Development Programmes

Over the last 20+ years we have built our reputation on work that is tailored to individual organisations.

Here is an example of the type of programmes that we can run for you in this particular area:

First Line Leadership:

All first line leaders and professionals make the difficult transition from being a "technical" specialist, where their reputation has been built largely on their own capability. So, in their first leadership role the main challenges are often associated with personal effectiveness - with their team members, their peers, their boss and senior management.

This programme starts with understanding of their own "preferred" or natural leadership style and how it can be adapted to suit a range of people and situations. The emphasis on role-play practise enables participants to try new things in safe environment.

Participants leave with the confidence and competence to address new challenges in the workplace associated with influencing, team engagement and conflict resolution.


Potential & First Line Leaders

Middle Leadership:

With the day-to-day operational focus required for their teams and the demands from senior management to think more strategically, middle leaders can often feel squeezed from both ends.

This programme covers a full range of themes including: operational strategy development; team leadership & engagement; managing financial resources; delivering a "customer" experience and enhancing operational performance.

Leaders leave with capabilities needed to maintain the balance between running the business (operational effectiveness) and transforming the business (change capability).

5 One Day Modules

Potential & Middle Leaders

Senior Leadership:

Alongside a refresher on leadership styles and the senior leadership requirement for adaptability that balances goal orientation with emotional intelligence, a strong focus of this Programme is creating and sustaining organisational energy and engagement.

Recognising their key role as communicators, we consider the increasingly important skill of "storytelling" in getting the message clearly understood, including the secrets of telling a good story that is memorable, transferable and prompts emotions.

The Programme brings together in a very practical way all the elements of strategy development, change and transformation, providing senior leaders with new ways of thinking about future business challenges.


Potential & Senior Leaders

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