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Over the last three years the theme of Energy & Engagement has developed into one of our core capabilities. In other parts of this website we provide case study examples of small and large-scale interventions. Delivering some of these has required additional, highly skilled facilitation. So we now have our own, very experienced Engagement Team, who can all deliver to the same high standard with flexibility.

Our Engagement Team

Ray Atkinson
As Managing Director of The Wadenhoe Consultancy, Ray has focused much of their activities on the theme of Engagement, through a range of one-to-one coaching, team and larger-scale interventions. It is a core area of expertise and fundamental part of all of their Leadership and Organisation Development work, supported by their own Engagement Survey tool. At a personal level, much of Ray's work focuses on helping managers to recognise the difference between Management and Leadership and the need for the right balance to achieve business success.

Sara Penter
Sara has a range of experience in increasing employee engagement through supporting organisations to review their structures, roles, culture and performance management systems. She has facilitated teams to help them define their purpose and how they want to operate as a team. Her leadership development interactions have assisted Leaders in understanding their purpose and values and how they can work with others to create a fully engaged team.

Sarah Armitage
Sarah has considerable experience of engagement activity including the design and implementation of a 'Q12' type engagement measure for a manufacturing site and subsequent action plan. She has also facilitated numerous workshops supporting leaders to better engage with their teams and develop a shared vision and strategy.

Jon Harvey
Jon has been helping create engaged organisations for over 20 years. He has a background in continuous improvement, leadership development and change management, and has worked with a wide diversity of commercial and public sector clients. He helps managers make the decisions, ask the questions and take the actions required to generate high levels of commitment and 'ownership' amongst the teams and functions that they lead.

Roger Barrett
Placing value on enabling effective working relationship between people in organisations is a critical principle that shapes Roger's approach to leadership development. He uses his knowledge and expertise of how such relationships impact on leading effective change in a range of interventions from facilitating workshops to individual coaching. Roger has successfully delivered a range of change initiatives in private and large multi-site public sector organisations, including the delivery of employee engagement programmes and implementing measures to gauge success.

Dr Sean Murphy
Sean has designed and delivered programmes focussing on the engagement of employees following major organisational change. He has delivered extensive programmes of culture change helping the organisation and individuals, at all levels, understand the core values of the business and the practical implications of these in day to day operations. In addition he has designed and delivered programmes focussing on the tools and measures used in deciding and implementing major cost cutting programmes whilst continuing to involve and engage employees.

Steve Edgeworth
Steve has significant experience of working at executive level within FTSE 100 companies in the design and delivery of employee engagement programmes to support major organisational and cultural change initiatives. He designs and delivers workshops on leadership and change management and coaches senior managers to help them understand their personal style, its impact on others and the changes they will make to better engage others and improve overall performance.

Adrienne Dixon
With many organisations seeking more for less, the extent to which employees put discretionary effort into their work, in the form of extra time, brainpower and energy is crucial. Adrienne's leadership development activities focus on achieving enhanced performance through the development and engagement of people.

Nigel Bannister
Nigel has designed and delivered Leadership Development activities including engagement, which have involved: Coaching, Training and Facilitation especially when managers don't fully appreciate the impact of their actions and behaviours as a role model on others. He has worked with Directors, Senior and Middle Management in this way across Private, Public and the Third Sector organisations.

Alison Maxwell
Alison typically works at two levels on engagement in organisations - with the leader and with the team. With individual leaders her focus is helping them to understand what engagement looks and feels like and how their leadership behaviours can build or destroy commitment. At the team level, her focus is usually on the barriers to engagement and helping the team to learn new ways of working together that will foster a greater sense of commitment and energy.

Julie French
Julie has considerable and wide ranging experience in the design and delivery of 'open' and 'bespoke' employee engagement development programmes. Her primary focus as a trainer, coach and workshop facilitator is on achieving lasting behavioural and organisational change through the application of models drawn from psychology, NLP and emotional intelligence.

Marina Mc Goldrick
Marina works at a senior level with individuals and teams, enabling them to make a shift in how they lead their businesses so they actively create a high performance environment. This involves helping them to recognise that they are part of how the culture is shaped and to lead in a way that engages their people, with an emphasis on support and challenge.

Laura Knill
Laura's leadership engagement experinece includes projects with small, medium and large organisations across a range of sectors. These have involved major transformation programmes; post merger programmes designed to help engage managers in the newly- merged company and smaller-scale programmes designed to engage staff in the need for change. Her work has also involved helping individuals to provide feedback to their managers about the changes they believe are necessary.

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