Engaging Individuals and Teams

With our increased focus on Engagement, we have established a dedicated Engagement Team, so that we can handle small and large-scale projects to the same high standard. Details of team members are provided at the end of this section. They have all experienced the challenges of Engagement at first hand as senior managers and understand that a person's level of Engagement is affected by their feelings about:
  • The Organisation
  • Their Boss
  • Their Team
  • Their Job
The essence of our approach is that leaders can't make people engage, but they can create an environment by their conversations and actions, where people choose or don't choose to engage.

Our focus is on the leader as the single biggest influence
on the energy and engagement of their team.

The conversations that we enable leaders to have are focused on four key areas of Engagement:


Generating Commitment by helping people to shape their own goals and believe that they can make a difference

Creating engaging conversations - being consciously clear about what we are looking for and spotting people doing things right

Giving people the courage to walk towards challenges and make decisions

Spending more time developing people and continuously exploring ways for them to utilise their full potential

All of this is then linked to Team Performance by working through the strategies available for sustaining Team Energy and Engagement, so that the outcome is greater than the sum of the parts.


Team Energy & Engagement: Clear action plans for creating an environment in which teams are fully engaged and capitalizing on their "Productive Energy".

Individual Engagement: A set of engagement actions, tailored to each team member that can be implemented immediately and sustained over time.

Scorecards: For measuring progress in each of the above against an estimated current base-point.

Capability: Practice in handling a range of engagement issues.

The impact of this work can be measured using our proprietary Engagement Survey: The Mood Meter™


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engaging individuals & teams

Why Wadenhoe Consultancy?

"I would like to thank you for the recent workshops with Wadenhoe Consultancy Ltd. The environment away from work meant I could almost take myself to an observation point on my own management performance. Combining this with new practical skills for leading and engaging my team means I have a personal plan to close the gap between how I would like to manage and how I actually manage. "

"I'm also very lucky to have sent a significant number of my senior team to Wadenhoe. This immediately makes everyone more understanding of individual styles and the impact they can have on engaging their teams. There is also a more focused assessment process and direction for juniors now my managers have increased their management skills"

Matt Riddiford
Head of Production Control
European Credit Management

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