Clarifying What You Need

Members of our team have operated at a senior HR levels in organisations, where the key to success has been challenging existing processes for resource/succession planning and implementing new ones. Often in circumstances where things are changing so fast that its impossible to anticipate precisely what future roles will look like in any detail.

We understand how to get a clear, future-focused view of leadership roles, through the application of "transferable qualities", "organisational context" and "values".

This involves understanding the:

Thinking, Planning & Organising Qualities - Associated with Problem Analysis; Creativity/Innovation & Decision-making.

Temperament Qualities - Associated with Goal Orientation/Drive/Motivation; Adaptability and Emotional Intelligence.

Organisational Context - What the role looks like in terms of:
  • Business Emphasis; Results Focus & Customer Profile.
  • Team-working; Networking; Internal & External Communication
  • Processes & Procedures
  • Team-working; Networking; Internal & External Communication
  • National & International Focus
  • Support Frameworks; Freedom to Act; Organisational & Functional "Know-how"
Values - What the role looks like in terms of "living the values" and understanding the challenges and contradictions that have to be managed in delivering the required business results in line with Organisational Values.


Clear understanding of:

How roles need to change in response to new strategies.

The step changes required when making transitions into new roles and the critical development for success.

The personal development "gaps" that need to be filled to achieve success and reach potential.

The size of the challenges and the shape of the personal qualities required for reaching senior roles.

The Values to be modelled by senior people who are required to deliver change.
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clarifying what you need

Why Wadenhoe Consultancy?

“Freestyle worked with Wadenhoe Consultancy at a time when the business was going through a period of significant growth and needed to implement some major changes.

Working closely with Ray Atkinson, a business and management strategy was developed and, more importantly, implemented, involving both the senior management team and the first-line managers in a process of significant change."

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