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Case Study


The Director of Service Operations was implementing a new organisational structure. It was his intention to create the three senior roles from the existing 12 job holders.

He wished to:
  • identify who were best suited to the three new positions
  • produce robust development plans for both the successful and unsuccessful candidates
  • build a process bespoke to the company that could be used in future development/selection

Wadenhoe Consultancy
  • worked with senior management to identify core competencies for the new roles
  • designed and agreed exercises and rating scales together with definitions and examples of performance at different levels
  • devised and ran a two-day process to include: psychometric testing, group discussions, tailored in basket exercise, making the case presentation and discussion , competency-based interviews and development planning
  • facilitated the final decision making session
  • a full report for each delegate including quantitative and qualitative assessment of performance at the two day assessment centre
  • a development plan for each delegate
  • a robust process for use in future selection/development events
  • as a result of the insights gained from this process a further reorganisation was initiated strengthening the management team through promotion and some outside recruitment

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