"Back From The Future"

Changing The Way You Look At Strategy

Now, more than ever, organisations need creative and practical strategies that will deliver success. We know this, that's why we have created a powerful collaboration to produce a new workshop, "Back From The Future".

The Wadenhoe Consultancy, whose focus is strategy, leadership and change have joined forces with Najberg Milne - a training company that combines psychology with theatre - to develop a unique workshop, which will definitely be greater than the sum of its parts.

The workshop is designed for senior teams in strategic business units or departments. There are two modules each lasting two days, with one month between them to develop action plans. Online support is available throughout.

Module One: "Planning The Future"
This module uniquely blends best practice in strategy development with creative use of drama and the media, to produce a plan on DVD for future strategic success and how to achieve it.

Module Two: "Rehearsing The Future"
This second module combines practical tools for change leadership, the power of drama and role-play with professional actors and direction, to "rehearse" critical situations that could obstruct effective implementation.

"Back From The Future" The entire workshop is 100% practical and starts from where the team is now. Guaranteed outputs include:
  • The double benefits of strategy development and teambuilding.
  • Personal coaching in leadership styles and communication.
  • A team-generated DVD record of major actions/decisions for maximising learning, communication and impact.
  • A tailored package for implementation and sustainability.
  • Practical skills and experience in handling challenging real-time situations.
  • Integration of S.B.U. or Departmental Strategies with Corporate Strategy.
In presenting this approach at a recent senior management meeting, Ray Atkinson said: "Back From The Future goes way beyond strategic planning which means that effective implementation is assured. Teams will be fully prepared for the practical challenges associated with change leadership and engagement".

There are limited opportunities to take part in this exciting new workshop. We need just one team to start in late October 2009 and one in early December 2009.

For more information please telephone 01865 339558 or email us at: info@wadenhoeconsultancy.com

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