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Newsletter - February 2010

Welcome to this month's Newsletter from The Wadenhoe Consultancy Ltd.

Since The Wadenhoe Consultancy was founded 20 years ago, it has specialised in creative approaches to talent identification and development.

As one of the leaders in this field, we are proud of our track record and the originality of our work.

In this Newsletter, we focus on four of our current activities and connect up some thoughts on Trust in 1750 with Trust in 2010!

Regional Briefings:
  • Update on bookings for the upcoming event: "Leading Sustainable Talent Development - Passions or Procedures?"
  • A new series of Regional Briefings: "Getting Best Value from Assessment/Development Centres"
Dramatic Change: "Engaging Leaders in Engagement" Workshops

Filling the Measurement Gap: The key for HR Development Managers, wishing to demonstrate that their work is an investment rather than a cost!

Trust - 'It is happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust' Samuel Johnson in The Rambler (1750)
Click here for connections to your organization in 2010.

"Leading Sustainable Talent Development - Passion or Procedures?"

We still have a few vacancies for the 25th February event in London. Click here to download details from last month's newsletter.

"Getting Best Value from Assessment/Development Centres?"

So, breathe a sigh of relief, it's February 2010, and the Annual Performance/Development (Appraisal) Review is completed, including the all-important section about career development and potential.

Although you are in no doubt about the time and effort that everyone has put into the exercise, there are still some nagging questions:
  • Do the people identified for progression really have the potential to make the "step change" required, or are they just very good at what they do now?
  • Have any really high potential people been missed, maybe because of some subjective views about them or just their academic background or location?
  • How difficult will it be to follow through on some of the plans recommended?
  • What will you do with high potential people where there is no clear "next step?"
As a result, you may be considering the use of Assessment/Development Centres to confirm potential and focus development plans. If so, with over 20 years research and practical experience in this area, we can help you to think about the important added value areas, which will ensure that your investment is well spent.

Click here to download more information.

To reserve your place on one of our briefing events, email Sue at: sue@wadenhoeconsultancy.com.

Whether or not you decide to use The Mood Meter (click here), our series of Team Engagement Workshops provide an accelerated introduction to leadership activities that will make an immediate, significant and measurable impact on your business.

Whilst our workshops consider longer-term organisational issues, the main focus is on daily, weekly and monthly action plans for managers wishing to improve the level of engagement of their teams.

Our workshops include pre-meetings with participants, preparation of role-plays and tailored online/telephone support after the workshop at no extra cost.

Click here to download a Case Study about how businesses within the Commitment to Excellence Academy benefited from a recent workshop.

"If the Leadership Development function is to meet the critical scrutiny of its doubters and detractors, it needs to develop the measures and have the data to prove its contribution to business success"

Ray Atkinson, The Wadenhoe Consultancy Limited

In 2001, Wadenhoe completed what is probably still the most comprehensive research into this critical area. Since then it has been used in every Leadership Development assignment we have completed and has been presented at national and international conferences.

With eight measurement dimensions, applied at every organisational level, it finally provides the key for HR Development Managers, wishing to demonstrate that their work is an investment rather than a cost!

Click here to download further information and how we might share this work with you.


At The Wadenhoe Consultancy, we are passionate about helping organisations to get better.

To us, this means helping them to achieve their strategic goals with interventions that ensure the best ideas, best technologies and best processes are matched by the best leaders and managers working together in the most effective way.

The combination of an outstanding Wadenhoe heritage for leadership, management and organisation development with the fresh, creative and energising approaches of Dramatic Change has proved a great success with our clients.


Ray Atkinson
Managing Director
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