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Newsletter - December 2009

Welcome to this month's Newsletter from The Wadenhoe Consultancy Ltd.

Since The Wadenhoe Consultancy was founded 20 years ago, it has specialised in creative approaches to talent identification and development.

As one of the leaders in this field, we are proud of our track record and the originality of our work.

In this Newsletter we expand on three of our current activities:
  • Regional Workshops: "Leading Sustainable Talent Development - Passion or Procedures".

  • Dramatic Change: Personal Effectiveness Workshops.

  • The Mood Meter: - Our latest tool for identifying and improving levels of staff engagement in organisations.

We understand the challenges in leading sustainable talent development, particularly the difference between Talent Management relying on processes and Talent Leadership driven by passion.

It is our research and experience around the Talent Leadership role of HR that we would like to share with you at one of our upcoming workshops in Birmingham, Reading, London, Cambridge and Bristol.

You, or your nominated colleague with responsibility for this area will leave with new ideas for solving old challenges associated with:

  • Commitment - getting management buy-in
  • Clarity - answering the question talent for what?
  • Exploration - finding talent everywhere
  • Engagement- nurturing talent
  • Transfer - breaking conventional boundaries
  • Impact - identifying "bottom line" measures

  • We will also show you how The Wadenhoe Model® can be used to develop a Talent Leadership Strategy and provide increased rigour to an existing one. So, the workshop will be valuable whether you are just starting this work, trying to re-energise an existing process or want to benchmark against best practice.

    A nominal charge of £50.00 will be made for this half-day event.

    To ensure ample opportunity for discussion, we are limiting numbers to a maximum of 24 people.

    Click here to download a copy of our Top Ten Challenges For Leading Sustainable Talent Development or to reserve your place on one of the workshops, email Sue at: sue@wadenhoeconsultancy.com.

    "It felt as though that role play was written for me!"

    "I now understand what I need to do differently next time and have the confidence to do it!"

    "This will make so much difference to my confidence in meetings!"

    "The choice of Peer and Boss scenarios for the role plays fitted my needs exactly!"

    These are just some of the recent quotes from people who have benefited from our

    "Dramatic Change" Personal Effectiveness Workshops

    Initially designed as an extension of our work with organisations in identifying talented people, they are proving particularly powerful for:
    • "Technical" Specialists - who are making a major step change into their first line management job. Examples of relevant specialist areas include: Finance, Engineering, Legal, H.R., Surveying, Sales, I.T. and the Sciences.
    • Managers - from functional departments, who need to make the step change into more senior leadership roles.
    Although some of their issues are about managing the performance of their people, the majority of their challenges come from: how they work with their colleagues; how they communicate with their boss and how they influence other teams.

    All situations where they have to influence without line authority!

    The four major reasons why these workshops have been so successful are that they combine:
  • Selected psychometric tools that provide understanding of individual style.
  • Tools and frameworks, that provide a sound knowledge base for practice.
  • Specially written role plays that really do reflect individual and team situations.
  • Professional actors who bring 100% reality to each situation

    Most importantly, our guaranteed on-going support programme, helps individuals to transfer the "Dramatic Change" they have experienced on the workshop to "Dramatic Change" at work, with the resulting return on your investment

    Click here to download a Case Study about how ECM European Credit Management Ltd benefited from their recent "Dramatic Change" Personal Effectiveness Workshops.

    Our Personal Effectiveness Workshops include pre-meetings with participants, preparation of role plays and tailored online/telephone support after the workshop, at no extra cost.

    To find out more, email Ray at ray@wadenhoeconsultancy.com or telephone: 01865 339558.

    "Engagement can be the difference between organisational failure and success, which is why we have developed this product over the last year. The benefit of The Mood Meter is that you don't just get a survey of results, but detailed conclusions, recommendations and clear actions, with Wadenhoe Consultancy support to implement them." explained Ray Atkinson, Managing Director of The Wadenhoe Consultancy, at a recent presentation about "The Mood Meter".

    Ray continued: "Even in difficult trading times, talented people have the most choices and usually don't find it hard to manage their own careers. The Mood Meter helps to ensure that organisations keep their talented people".

    The Mood Meter provides a fast and reliable picture of how engaged your people are with the organisation and detailed guidance on what to do about it. It is not just about employee/boss relationships, but all the other leadership and cultural aspects of the way people work together in an organisation.

    Research and experience highlights that engaged people:
    • Are positive about their job and the team of which they are part.
    • Talk positively to others about their organisation.
    • Try harder for customers, colleagues and the organisation.
    • Are looking for career development inside rather than outside.
    And this isn't "soft stuff". Clear links can be made to hard performance measures associated with: staff turnover, customer service, productivity, quality and health & safety.

    Taking a regular look at levels of engagement is valuable for all organisations:
    • Those with clear strengths learn about areas to build on.
    • Those with significant limitations see clearly their route map for priority actions.
    The Mood Meter provides the base-point from which to start. It collects and analyses data across five dimensions, that enables organisations to better understand:
    • How people feel and talk about the organisation, inside and outside of work.
    • How much discretionary effort people will put into their job.
    • The stress factors that people are feeling.
    • Whether people see rewards and opportunities that match their ambitions.
    • Whether people buy into the values and direction of the organisation.
    Then plots the links between them and generates a tailored action-focused report.

    This enables you to focus leadership on activities that will really make a measurable short-term impact, whilst addressing longer-term strategic issues.

    "Initial reactions from discussions with operations directors and senior management have been very positive. Because it provides a general overview and detailed analysis in one document, they see it as a valuable indicator of the quality of their leadership and can see the potential impact on their bottom line." concluded Ray.

    For more information and to receive a copy of a recent report generated from The Mood Meter, email Rowan at rowan@wadenhoeconsultancy.com or telephone: 01865 339558.
    Next Month...

    Have a great Christmas from everyone at The Wadenhoe Consultancy and look out for our January 2010 newsletter, which will include features on:

    Regional Workshops: "Measuring the Impact of Leadership Development"

    Dramatic Change: Engaging Leaders in Engagement Workshops

    Rolescope: Our tool for recognizing and assessing "step changes" required in Core Transferable Qualities as talented people move up and across an organisation.


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