Talent Identification & Development Programmes

Over the last 20+ years we have built our reputation on work that is tailored to individual organisations.

Here is an example of the type of programmes that we can run for you in this particular area:

Talent Identification & Development Strategy: Here we use The Wadenhoe Model to work with teams in building a rigorous talent identification, development and retention strategy that is driven by the overall business strategy. Participants leave with a full understanding of the "Model" and the connections that ensure totally integrated, future-focused strategies. They also develop a range of balanced scorecard measures to monitor and review progress.


HR & Senior Leaders

Talent Pipelines: Sustaining the metaphor, HR teams consider Talent Exploration (finding it), Refinement (nurturing it), Distribution (moving it), Consumption (using/renewing it) and the removal of blockages created by: complicated competencies; stereotype succession plans; present priorities and procedures that have replaced passion. Although implicit throughout the day, we allocate time at the end to consider the retention advantages that can be achieved from truly proactive, self-directed career development.


HR Teams

Career Development Centres: Known problems don't require a great deal of thinking about. Future, unknown problems do. Solving problems at higher, more complex levels requires more than analysis. It needs the addition of creative thinking and judgement combined with the temperament to carry it through. Using a range of exercises based on core transferable qualities, our Career Development Centres provide absolute clarity about an individual's future capacity, at clearly defined "step change" leadership levels.


People with potential

Personal Development Centres: Here our focus is on specific leadership capabilities identified as essential across a range of organisational roles. We work closely with clients to design exercises that will highlight development "gaps" for personal development planning. Working with participants, their line managers and HR Developers we then advise on the most appropriate development options.


People with potential

Talent Spotting: Line managers are the eyes and ears of any organisation. This workshop focuses on their key coaching role as Talent Spotters. In particular, how understanding core transferable qualities can be used to create stretching opportunities for identifying potential. Participants also leave having practised using 16 Wadenhoe leadership activities, designed to broaden their capabilities in developing people with potential.


Leaders: any level

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