Personal Coaching

In some situations, with some people the best Development process is Personal Coaching. Our approach is developmental rather than remedial, building on strengths and helping people to remove blocks to those strengths.


Depending on the identified areas for development there are a number of coaching styles and methods that we can use. Our starting point is to match each individual with one of our trained team. Later this can be enriched using our multi-coach approach where the individual can work with more than one coach to draw on the range of knowledge and experiences.

All of our coaching anchors personal development firmly into business impact. Clear goals, objectives and measures are established at the start and monitored throughout the programme.

Every coaching session ends with an agreed action plan and output measures for the next meeting. This plan has a dual focus on Personal Development (behaviour practice & change) and the impact of this on Business Performance (operational results).


We have a successful track record of covering assignments associated with:
  • Self Awareness / interpersonal skills / communication / emotional intelligence

  • Emerging Leaders

  • Managers realizing their potential for current and future roles

  • Technical Specialists making their first move into a leadership role

  • Leaders making a step-change

  • Change following re-definition of role

  • Capability to lead the planning and implementation of change

  • Personal development and career planning

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