Learning in Organisations Programmes

Over the last 20+ years we have built our reputation on work that is tailored to individual organisations.

Here is an example of the type of programmes that we can run for you in this particular area:

Creating a strategy for self-directed learning: This workshop sets out the characteristics of effective self-directed learning and how they can be translated into action. Participants leave with the knowledge, skills and a template to: build a strategy; develop an organisational framework and design learning support activities that are all focused on self-directed learning.

A copy of our checklist for each stakeholder group is also provided.


HR/L&D Spec's

Individual self-directed learning: 80% of effective learning does not happen on courses - that's the basis for giving individuals the knowledge and skills needed for self-directed learning. The workshop provides:

· A personalised framework for learning and the tools to maintain it in the light of new challenges and opportunities.

· Clarity about the scope of their learning network and how to expand it.

· Capabilities to make learning a "natural" part of what they do.


Leaders: any level

Comprehensive Coaching: Coaching goes beyond the use of any one "model". In this workshop we draw on our "natural learning" research to provide line managers with the tools necessary to:

· Energise and engage people in learning and ensure the full value of any proposed learning activity.

· Build "enablers" for learning and move it from theory to practice.

· Provide a wide range of support by working with 16 coaching styles tailored to needs and circumstances.


Leaders: any level

Learning Support Processes: The two processes we focus on here are "internal mentoring" and "learning sets". Both are very powerful if used correctly and a complete waste of time if not. So it is important to understand the main characteristics and key elements of each - that's what this workshop is all about.

Participants leave with the skills, knowledge and templates to decide on the best approach and the tools to ensure that the appropriate processes are effectively implemented and sustained over time.


HR/L&D Spec's

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