Genus - Commitment to Excellence Academy - 2012 Workshops


The Academy consists of owners and senior managers from 15 SME's across a range of sectors. It is led and co-ordinated by Leszek Marcinowicz who arranges regular meetings in response to "hot topics" identified by members. Wadenhoe Consultancy has worked with the group before and this time had the privilege of providing two interlinked workshops over a four-month period.

What We Did

As readers will know, Energy and Engagement is a core capability of Wadenhoe Consultancy and the two workshops we ran were:

Creating and capitalizing on team energy and engagement: with a focus on achieving significantly improved levels of Engagement throughout the businesses.

Sustaining team energy and engagement: with a focus on exploring five key engagement dimensions, which together contribute to ongoing generation of productive team energy.


Feedback on both workshops was excellent and the following outcomes were achieved:

Team Energy & Engagement: Clear action plans for creating an environment in which teams are fully engaged and capitalising on "Productive Energy", in order to move with pace, urgency and execute plans effectively.

Individual Engagement: A set of engagement actions, tailored to each team member that could be implemented immediately and sustained over time.

Progress Measures: For each of the above against an estimated base-point.

Capability: Practice in handling engagement conversations and using tools for engaging team members with the Mandate, Mission, Stakeholders and Learning.


Leszek Marcinowicz from the Academy commented:

"The participants took a long, hard look at the opportunities for engagement at all levels in their organisations and, towards the end of the first session, realised that there was much they could easily implement, without any great cost."

"We found the models used by Ray to be very user-friendly and practical, especially the Five Engagement Dimensions for sustaining Productive Team Energy. The members had taken on board the challenges they had posed for themselves during the first session, and had lots to report back on at the second session, which was held 6 months after the first session."

"It was really rewarding to see the enthusiasm at the end of the second workshop to leave and implement the Action Plans they had come up with."

"The theme of Engagement is particularly relevant in the current economic climate, which is the new reality for doing business, and the work we did last year has enabled the Academy members to take actions which have a measurable impact on their business success."

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