Talent Leadership Workshops

"Leading Sustainable Talent Development:

Passion or Procedures?"

Since The Wadenhoe Consultancy was founded 20 years ago, it has specialised in talent identification and development. We understand the challenges in leading sustainable talent development, particularly the difference between Talent Management relying on processes and Talent Leadership driven by passion.

You'll see that our start-point is Talent Leadership, rather than Talent Management. Why? Because Management is about maintaining the status quo, Leadership is about challenging it. If this sounds a little prescriptive, it's meant to be... too many poor internal appointments are the result of poor compromises!

The Workshop will help participants to address six key Talent Leadership success factors:
  • Commitment - getting management buy-in
  • Clarity - answering the question talent for what?
  • Exploration - finding talent everywhere
  • Engagement - nurturing talent
  • Transfer - breaking conventional boundaries
  • Impact - "bottom line" measures
We will also share our approach to developing a Talent Leadership Strategy.

So, whether you are just starting this work, trying to re - energise an older process, or just want to benchmark against best practice, these workshops are right for you.

The workshops will run from 9.00am to 12.30pm:

Reading: 15th January 2010
Bristol: 28th January 2010
Birmingham: 2nd February 2010
Cambridge: 5th February 2010
London: 25th February 2010

A nominal charge of 50.00 will be made for attendance.

To reserve your place, telephone Sue on: 01865 339558 or email: sue@wadenhoeconsultancy.com

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